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Are you renting an apartment, condo, or home near Bloomsburg, PA? Although you may not own your property, it’s still important that you have the right renters insurance coverage to protect both you, your loved ones and your belongings. Renters insurance protects you against potentially crippling financial losses and the sheer inconvenience of being without a place to live. Whether you live in Millville, Benton, Berwick, or the surrounding areas around Columbia County, GordnerCoombs provides renters insurance policies that can help protect you and your family in the event of property damage, theft, weather related accidents and more.

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Find out more about our Bloomsburg property rental insurance plans and get a quick renters insurance quote today. At GordnerCoombs, we’ll help you plan for the unexpected with the best renters insurance coverage that’s just right for you and your budget.

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If you’re just starting your search for rental insurance or are looking to switch to a different insurance company with the best protection & rates, you’ve come to the right place! At GordnerCoombs, we work hard to get our customers the best property rental insurance rates around Millville, PA.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance covers unforeseen events such as a break-in that leads to theft or damage of you belongings, or bodily injury that occurs on your rental property. The major difference between renters insurance and homeowners insurance is that renters insurance does not cover the building structure. The building is the responsibility of the landlord.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

A renters insurance policy has three different coverages types:


  1. Personal Property – The cost to place or repair personal belongings.
  2. Liability Protection – Costs of accidentally damaging another person’s property.
  3. Additional Living Expenses – Additional costs that might incur from damaging another’s property or damages that prevent one from living in their home, i.e hotel expenses.


Personal Property Coverage

Protect Your Belongings with Renters Insurance

Personal Property Coverage helps pay for damaged or destroyed personal items. For example, if there is a fire that destroys one’s clothes, personal property coverage would help finance the replacement of those. It is also important to remember that coverage limits still apply. Coverage limits are the maximum amount one’s policy will cover in the case of an accident.

 Does Renters Insurance Cover Theft?

If a policy includes personal property coverage there is a greater likeliness that the insurance would pay to replace the stolen property. Personal property insurance covers items that were stolen in a break-in – this includes items that were located in or outside your rental property. A common question is does renters insurance cover car theft? Renters insurance may help pay to replace the car.


Renters Liability Insurance

Protect Yourself From Accidental Damage or Injury

Renters liability insurance may help to cover costs for damages done to people or property that one is legally responsible for. Many people do expect to need renters liability insurance, but when one’s child hits a baseball through a neighbor’s window, renters liability insurance would be useful.


Additional Living Expenses

 Protect Yourself From the Unexpected

What happens if something unexpected happens to one’s home or apartment and they are unable to live in it? Renters insurance would cover additional living expenses like living in a hotel for a period of time. If a property floods, has a fire, or there is another reason one cannot live in their rental property, renters insurance would help cover these expenses. 

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