Insurance Claims in Millville, PA

“In these stress filled times…Rest INsured.”

 There is only one reason to buy any type of insurance – and that reason is for your peace of mind. Insurance can’t stop bad things from happening but it can protect you against permanent financial loss and do so in a kind and consistent manner.

When a bad thing happens to you, your claims process begins. If your coverage is with any of our companies and it is during normal business hours, please report the claim to us at 570-458-6015 or toll free 1-800-782-8741.

If your coverage is with the ERIE and it is during our normal business hours please call 570-458-6015, if it is not during our business hours, please call toll free 1-800-458-0811, option 2 or if your claim is a Total Loss Fire Emergency, please call 570-204-7238.

If your coverage is with Progressive, please call the Progressive 24/7 claims reporting number toll free at 1-800-925-2886. Once your Progressive claim is reported, you can check the status of your claim or access other claims reporting info by clicking on the Progressive link below.

If your coverage is not with Erie, Progressive or Millville Mutual and it is not during normal business hours, please report your claim to us at the phone numbers above as soon as business hours resume.

At GordnerCoombs Insurance Inc, we are committed to providing you with caring and compassionate claims handling. If you have any questions at any time during your claims process with any of our companies, we are here to assist in answering your questions – “Rest INsured”.