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Your vehicle is one of the most important assets you have, besides your home, and it’s important that you have the right auto insurance coverage to protect both you and your vehicle. Auto insurance protects you against potentially crippling financial losses and the sheer inconvenience of being without transportation. Whether you live in Millville, Benton, Berwick, or the surrounding areas around Columbia County, GordnerCoombs auto insurance policies can help protect you and your family in the event of car accidents, property damage, theft, medical expenses and more.

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Find out more about our Bloomsburg auto insurance plans and get an insurance quote today. At GordnerCoombs, we’ll help you plan for the unexpected with the best auto insurance coverage that’s just right for you and your budget.

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If you’re just starting your search for car insurance or are looking to switch to a different auto insurance company with the best protection & rates, you’ve come to the right place! At GordnerCoombs, we work hard to get our customers the best auto insurance rates, and it is possible to save hundreds on your auto insurance payments; especially if you’re looking to bundle your insurance with your home or specialty product.

What factors go into determining an auto insurance rate?

The average cost of auto insurance varies based on a number of factors.  When reviewing your auto insurance options, insurance companies will use the following primary factors to assess risk and determine your rate:

Primary Factors to Consider:

  • Age of Driver – Below 25 years of age can expect to have higher rates.
  • Your Driving Record – The better your driving history, the lower your rate.
  • Your Location – Is there a high crime rate in your area?
  • Your Gender – Statistically, women have fewer accidents than men.
  • Type & Age of Vehicle – Overall value of car, safety & reliability.
  • Yearly Mileage – More mileage = more possibility for accidents.
  • Credit History – Predicts the likelihood of you to file/pay for a claim.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

When you browse through your  auto insurance policy, you may see different types of coverage and wonder exactly what they are, and why they’re on your policy. Here are the main types of auto insurance coverage:

Collision Coverage

Collision Coverage covers your car in the event you damage the car itself as a result of an accident with a fixed or moving object (another vehicle, telephone pole, guard rail, etc).

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage protects your car from other types of accidental damage (theft, cracked windshield from a rock, an animal you might hit, etc).

Property Damage

Property Damage Coverage protects you if you damage someone else’s property and compensates them for the cost of repairs (car accident, house, other property not owned by you).

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage protects your financial interest in the event you injure another party in an accident; this pays for the other party’s medical bills and related expenses.

Uninsured & Under-insured Liability

This coverage pays you, in the event that you are injured by another party in an accident and they were uninsured or under-insured. This is a very important part of your auto insurance policy because you have zero control over how much insurance other people have.

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